Recent Loebs (Spring 2015)

January 1, 2015

Fragments of the Histories. Letters to Caesar
Edited and Translated by John T. Ramsey
Sallust Volume II The Histories of Sallust (86–35 BCE), while fragmentary, provide invaluable information about a crucial period of history from 78 to around 67 BCE. In this volume, John T. Ramsey has freshly edited the Histories and the two pseudo-Sallustian Letters to Caesar, completing the Loeb Classical Library edition of his works.
Edited and Translated by D. R. Shackleton Bailey
With Corrections by Christopher A. Parrott
Statius Silvae Statius’s Silvae, thirty-two occasional poems, were written probably between 89 and 96 CE. The verse is light in touch, with a distinct pictorial quality. D. R. Shackleton Bailey’s edition, which replaced the earlier Loeb Classical Library edition by J. H. Mozley, is now reissued with corrections by Christopher A. Parrott.
Edited and Translated by Neil Hopkinson
Theocritus. Moschus. Bion Theocritus (early third century BCE) was the inventor of the bucolic genre, also known as pastoral. The present edition of his work, along with that of his successors Moschus (fl. mid-second century BCE) and Bion (fl. around 100 BCE), replaces the earlier Loeb Classical Library volume of Greek Bucolic Poets by J. M. Edmonds (1912).